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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Correcting a confusing YouTube video

The following testimony came from someone who was so excited to find again Bonnie Caseys music, which had been a rope let down to her in her parents extremist group of Adventists. I am very happy that the Lord of hosts can reach every spiteful, rebellious, still stinging, yet searching, soul. I am also glad that other commenters encouraged her also, and one directed her to the authentic voice and original character of the beautiful Christian, young adult, Bonnie Casey. (And I have the feeling that Jesus isnt finished with Bonnie! What she and the others in Take Three did for many thousands of Adventist young people will be seen again in the not distant Latter Rain.) This YouTube video maker, Deardarling, gave her background, but it left the impression (at least to me) that her experience was Bonnies. So I wrote a comment to encourage Deardarling, and also to correct a misconception to anyone else who might get confused as I did. Here is her testimony and my comment.

Where Does God Live Daddy? Bonnie Casey Cover
•Aug 6, 2011
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UPDATE: I found IT!!!! h t t p :// I want to add a little something about this song and my past. I dont speak out about my upbringing much anymore. Time heals and even fades but the scars they never go away and i remember ... ill always remember... a little girl making sure no one else was around before she sang a song, THIS SONG, in the woods out of earshot ... hiding my beautiful treasure and sharing it with the natural world that kept me sane in a childhood quite literally base-camped in hell.

I grew up on communes completely isolated from society in the bosom of a fanatical group of Seventh Day Adventists. Ill refrain from mentioning where ... it could have been any 1400 acres of Oakland just minutes from Lake Michigan. : )

My parents decided this song was too new age in its concept that God could be found in me if i searched (and i did so painfully search and search) and further more another Take Three song that would bring tears to my eyes as a child and make me feel safe and secure “love in a lulaby ... Sing to me sweet spirit come and rockabye my soul ... that was love i just knew it .. but alas it was far too musically secular and didnt stir up enough of a sense of being an unworthy sinner ever mindful of ones need for Gods grace. They took the tape away but music is a gift ... lol .. as is my audiographic memory. The best gifts cant be so easily taken from us and so it is that I still remember ... I'll always remember and ill be singing this til i die

One day a young girl sat upon Daddys knee If you could be God, Daddy, where would you be In a cloud? In a church? Or a boat on the sea? Or maybe a sycamore tree? Do you think you would live in a tree?

White clouds would be fine but they never leave heaven and churches are empty six days out of seven theres not much to do when a boat on the sea and I dont think Id live in a tree, my child I dont think Id live in a tree

Then where does God live? Daddy where does he go? I do want to find him, I do want to know Ive looked for him here and Ive looked for him there and Ive looked just about everywhere, now Ive looked just about everywhere

Then listen my child, and the truth I will tell come out with your Daddy, come out to the well look deep in the water, now what do you see? Daddy, I only see me, she cried Why Daddy, I only see me 

My child you may travel the sea or the sod and find many things but you'll never find God but if you will search with a heart that is true you will find he is living in you, my child youll find he is living in you

Bonnie Casey



​Dearydarling, I’m sorry for your experience with SDAs who had misconceptions of what Jesus desires of His last day movement. I believe you will come to learn that what the Advent movement actually received from Jesus through His servant, Ellen White, is not what most of us have experienced. We were handed down a distorted human construction of the genuine. The same was true for the ancient Israelites. Dearydarling, you must go back, and read for yourself what Mrs. White wrote. And you must wrestle with it because it will cross your corrupted human nature, as it does for us all. It was a message like no other except for Noah’s message to a world that was so corrupted and wicked that it was about to be destroyed. And, today such is the world’s condition again, but this time the world will be destroyed not by a global flood, but by fire at Jesus’ return. Such a dire future for the human race requires an insistent, constant voice of warning and instruction and beautiful inspiration. That firm, strong, consistent, message so necessary for beckoning deluded billions of hearts and minds in this final generation, is what came from the world’s last prophet, Ellen White. What a treasure are her warnings and reproofs to people high and low, male and female, old and young! And what a blessing to everyone who receives it! ​Dearydarling, your childhood testimony may remain a scar, but Jesus will heal it, as He did mine when I looked for myself at the real intent of the Spirit of Prophecy and heard the counsels from a loving mother of Israel. Go back to the Spirit of Prophecy and look for yourself! And you must keep reading because it can take awhile to lose the misdirected voices and faces from the past. We must all look for ourselves, and keep looking.

To anyone who reads the above experience of @UCfevV-zQOdP8sIWtsCjeMRA, please realize that it was her childhood not Bonnie Casey’s, as I first thought! The song that dearydarling finally found was Bonnie’s, however the singer on the video was not Bonnie, but (I believe) Kathy Mattae. I want to clear that up because without explicit documentation on this YouTube page, it gives the impression that Bonnie’s voice is heard, that the photo was of Bonnie, and that dearydarling’s childhood testimony was Bonnie’s.

Dearydarling, you are a precious soul, truly a dear darling of Jesus, “greatly beloved” (Dan. 10:19), who is going through the same throws as my own, and am coming through it for the better. I now see that everything I have struggled with to know Jesus, even in His tough love for my mischievous heart, has been His providential handiwork. And I am sure He is overseeing your path too. Your testimony will be mine and Job’s, “He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10).

David Burdick 1 second ago

Dearydarling, I don’t mean to call you corrupt, or that your human nature is corrupt and beyond hope. We all have been spoiled by Satan and his temptations. And without the power of Christ’s love over our old natures, to call us back, we are ruined. But, before we can need His love we must see ourselves in all of our ugliness and be humbled beyond measure. The humbling before the Spirit of truth opens us to Christ’s encouragement and instruction.

The video referred to came from

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