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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Letter to President of Wikipedia

David Burdick
Dec 4 at 11:44 AM

Dear Sirs:

When is Wikipedia going to own up to all the conspiracies that are not theories, but realities? The official stories of crimes against the state(s) are nothing short of propaganda. Even if it would not be politically correct, when is Wikipedia going to side with the truth before it's too late? Tens of millions of acres in raging fires because of the old world order, just like the Denver International Airport murals prophesied. When is Wikipedia going to speak out against the unnatural wildfires and the false flag weather modification pogrom against the human race? The atheistic evolution lies pushed upon us by the National Academy of Sciences and the enslavement of the Federal Reserve Board are in place to destroy all faith and hope and freedom in our country so that Americans can never resist the silent encroachments of our wily enemy from the Dark Ages. Surely Wikipedia knows the evil history of the Jesuits and their reinstatement in 1814 because they couldn't humble America by two wars. TARGET: AMERICA Another good resource on this is Samuel Morse's Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United 
States There used to be a text download of this.  There is no other way than Morse's revelation to explain the new events shaking the world today. Yet, Wikipedia's article on Samuel Morse said not a word of this book that was so famous in the 1800s when Americans were awake to the Jesuit threat. What has happened to us?

If Wikipedia isn't against the conspirators then it is for the Jesuit conspirators and their UN agendas. Who else could be so powerful a resource for truth than your information outlet that is not paid for by the powers that be? Wikipedia has developed an amazing educational empire. I would gladly send $500 if I knew that truth had an advocate in Wikipedia. And many thousands would also send all that they could. It would be way more than 2% donating. Many outspoken people around the world whose causes are crippled because they have no mainline media on their side, and thus have no voice to the masses, would give anything to have Wikipedia be their voice to the world. People and their money would be coming out of the woodwork if Wikipedia were to stand boldly in the gap. The 100,000 homeless who have evacuated California would be thrilled to learn that Wikipedia reports in their behalf for their great losses and for the plague that they know is coming to their whole country. Many friends would stand behind Wikipedia, but many enemies, powerful enemies, will also most assuredly come out of the woodwork.

 And let no one think they will escape the final moves on the world by the great religio-political despot of ages past. While we still have a semblance of a free press, we need to band together. Because all freedom will eventually go away, not only from Americans, but also for the free world that America forged.

But if you aren't going to stand for the truth, then you might as well go to the Jesuits, and let them pay you huge sums of money to propagandize for their agenda. But if you do that, then your income will be blood money.

Wikipedia, we the people, have had enough. Please, join with the people.