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Monday, December 30, 2013

Spiritual Formation, an Email

Hi C________,
I mailed the money order.
The evening, morning issue I never really understood or its importance in end time events. Fill me in if you would. And then you can teach me your latest  discovery.
I was reading this morning in Hebrews. I can't remember what sent me there. But it dawned on me that Spiritual Formation is only the tip of the spear for the strong delusion in the end. I'm not how you view Spiritual Formation (SF), except that you mentioned it in the DVD.
SF is a way of blanking out the mind so that Satan can take possession. In the SDA church, it isn't being presented that way. The disciples of SF are led to think of only something uplifting that they read from the Spirit of Prophecy (SP). So it looks like a very good thing. Mrs. White wrote many uplifting things. But, she also wrote many rebukes, and they wouldn't be what a SDA following SF would contemplate in the silence.
But, basically it is doing the same thing the evangelical churches are doing with their SF that aligns more closely with the eastern mysticism. They abrogated God's Law and the Old Testament a long time ago. So, they read and meditate on only the New Testament―the good news. SDAs are doing the same with SF―following only the good news.
What's worse is that Hebrews 10 talks about what resulted from the Early Rain―a clean conscience that was freed from the accuser, delivered from an "evil conscience". But, every evangelical who refuses to look at the Law of God or feel His condemnation, whose pride will not be corrected and convicted and reproved can claim to be "sanctified" through Christ's death "once for all" which gave Him the power to forgive not only past sin but future sin also. In other words, we can expect a generation who believe they cannot sin and are authorized to do anything their "sanctified" mind wants to do.
Isn't this institutionalized lawlessness no different than the fruit of the Mass? There the worshippers could be forgiven, even though there was not conviction by the Law of God. And any reformer who rebuked the Mass was considered the worst criminal. To dissent the Mass and transubstantiation was to be an enemy of the state and treated as badly as Gideon when he cut down the grove of Baal and Ashtoreth.
I believe this is what's coming around the bend. Everyone who advocates the Ten Commandments and the Old Testament and the reproofs of the SP, will be branded a terrorist. And it will be fulfilled, "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service." (Jn. 16:2).
The truth is that only those who have wrestled with the SP and condemnation of the Bible are qualified to be justified and receive the clean conscience. Gal. 3:23; 1Tim. 1:5. They are the only ones free from the accuser that God has let attack and disable and debilitate us for not coming to His anointed Mediator. "They shall walk with Me in white; for they are worthy." They sought out Jesus with all their heart and found Him. They receive the Latter Rain and the victory in Jacob's troubles.
But, as we can see already, most of the world refuses to be corrected or reproved by anyone, especially by an infinitely holy God or His holy representatives, whose "obedience is fulfilled." (2Cor. 10:6).
This really stood out for me this morning. There are many precious promises for the new covenant, but we are worthy of claiming them only if we are honest in heart to God. I hope I am one of those, especially at the very end. And this goes for everyone, SDAs, Protestants, secularists, homosexuals.
Take care, sister.


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