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Sunday, September 16, 2012

7 trumpets and some EGW statements

Hi D____,
It truly has been good to be able to freely talk about Bible subjects. One day I believe the internet will not be ours to use, and we will not be able to talk like this until we are face to face with Christ and all of His redeemed. I think I will search the happy crowds as we all travel with Jesus and His holy angels on our way to God and His New Jerusalem, and I will not rest until I find you and we can cry together for a while.
You have seen this before:

No Time Prophecy Beyond 1844
I plainly stated at the Jackson camp meeting to these fanatical parties that they were doing the work of the adversary of souls; they were in darkness. They claimed to have great light that probation would close in October, 1884. I there stated in public that the Lord had been pleased to show me that there would be no definite time in the message given of God since 1844.—2SM 73 (1885).
{LDE 35.3}
Our position has been one of waiting and watching, with no time-proclamation to intervene between the close of the prophetic periods in 1844 and the time of our Lord’s coming.—10MR 270 (1888). {LDE 36.1}
The people will not have another message upon definite time. After this period of time [Revelation 10:4-6], reaching from 1842 to 1844, there can be no definite tracing of the prophetic time. The longest reckoning reaches to the autumn of 1844.—7BC 971 (1900). {LDE 36.2}

I still wrestle about these statements that baffle me. How could Sr. White use her powerful pen to stay further understanding of prophecy? How many SDAs will be lost because she prohibited a pragmatic approach to seeing Bible prophecies? It just stuns me. But, God must have had a purpose in this.

My only explanation is that in the context of her statement of “no more time prophecies” that she was referring to many who were still using prophecy to predict future events. EGW was referring to the misuse of prophecy to predict the future. The 5th trumpet would have been a prediction if it had been discovered before 1999. But it was that year that I understood the trumpets, so I wasn’t predicting anything, just looking back at a marvelous fulfillment of a 5 month prophecy.

Then, Mrs. White’s statement that the longest time prophecy of 2,300 years was the final one was based on her misunderstanding of the trumpets from the Millerite preachers who made the 7 trumpets begin at the apostle’s day and stretch out over 2,000 years. Thus the context of Rev. 10 would be 1844, just after the 6th trumpet which they believed was the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1843. So, Rev. 10 appears to be the opening of the book of Daniel and the mandate given to Ellen Harmon to prophecy to the world. This she did, beautifully and powerfully, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Nevertheless, the gift of prophecy was prophesied, not in the 6th trumpet, but in the 1st trumpet by the censor cast to the earth with an extra heaping of Holy Spirit and sanctifying anointing for Ellen Harmon. The giving of the prophetic gift need not be repeated in the 6th trumpet. Rather, the 6th trumpet is for us, the 5 wise but slumbering virgins, to wake up and preach the loud cry of the 4th angel’s message in the power of the Latter Rain, per Rev. 11:11-13. EGW based her authority of no more time prophecies on Rev. 10:4-6, but, that is the forewarning given that there would be no more of God’s waiting for His church to be sealed. Once the sealing and the mark of the beast are accomplished, per Rev. 9:4 and 15, then there is no more time of probation and the 7th angel can sound, and the tribulation can begin, per Rev. 10:7 and 11:15-19.

This should not be called heresy or fanatical, but good news that we see where we are in God’s continuum of prophecy.


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