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Sunday, September 16, 2012

7 trumpets

Hello A­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____,
Somehow I got your email to B____ that was attached to his. Maybe he did that on purpose. I may be mistaken, but are you the other person who was raising the question of new light at the Sabbath afternoon Bible study with B____? If so, I’m glad we can email each other.

I’ve been somewhat disturbed because I’ve studied the Bible and its prophecies, not to find new light, but just to understand them like I hadn’t in my younger years. I didn’t set out to find something new and startling, but as I studied and tried to make sense of the confusing prophecies, but without Spirit of Prophecy books because at the time I was new in the church and didn’t have them. Actually, I had left the church in my early 20’s and when I came back I was hungry to know the Bible because it was confusing to me back then.

So, after a while of reading the New Testament and then studying the Old Testament prophets, I felt the impression to study Daniel and Revelation. With new eyes I saw in Revelation 4-11 the framework for the Great Controversy as a continuous story line from pre-sin heaven in chapter 4 to the final end of God’s movement on earth to preach Him to the world and the close of probation in chapter 11.

I saw the beginning of the cleansing of the sanctuary and Investigative Judgment in chapter 8-10, that is, in the 7 trumpets. But, what I see is that the cleansing was a process that would take over 150 years to accomplish since it would take until that long to cleanse the characters of God’s people and seal them, “till the seed should come to whom the promise hath been made.” (Gal 3:19).

I see that the typical feast of trumpets (1st day of the 7th month) preceded the typical day of atonement (10th day of the 7th month), thus showing that a series of warnings must precede the antitypical day of atonement; hence Revelation’s 7 trumpets—all necessarily after 1844 but before the final cleansing of the sanctuary and Christ’s return.

The clearest connection between the 7 trumpets and the last days is when we lay Rev. 9:4 and 7:3 line upon line, and precept upon precept. Doing so, we find that the 5th trumpet is the centerpiece of the investigative judgment, occurring after the heavenly holy place sanctuary scene in the opening of the 7th seal (Rev. 8:1). And Rev. 9:5 says something that is heresy among many Adventists—that the Investigative Judgment was prophesied to take for more than 150 years.

I have showed this to Adventists and just this past weekend I showed it to Bros. B____ and L______. But as soon as it is seen to contradict Sr. White’s statement of no more time prophecies after 1844, they pay no more attention to the striking connection of Rev. 9:5 to 7:3. And I don’t know what to do. I can’t deny the connection of Rev. 9:5 to 7:3.

When you mentioned the 7 trumpets, I was excited to talk with you to compare notes with you. Can we meet and talk about this subject?

The Lord bless you and I hope to hear from you soon.



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