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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

America falling

The new health care overhaul is just one of many increments in the downward fall of America. It just may be the final one to completely crack our economy. In the face of the major financial liability that the government has taken upon itself in last year’s bankruptcy scandals, we are going to exacerbate our woes with another huge financial burden. We still don’t yet know how we can pay for the collapse of our economy, and now we are going to consider a new breath-taking price tag of $829 Billion?

The next generation will become slaves. They will be ground down under the pressure of maintaining the same standard of living, which will cost them twice the blood, sweat and tears. And they will try to keep the standard up until it destroys them.

The powerful entity that controls world policies and affairs has spoken. The men and women in high places are completely obedient to the call of those kingmakers that put them into the powerful positions that they have. Are they Jesuits? Maybe so, or at least Jesuit trained. But the U.S. and the world that has been following America is moving steadily toward a world of despotism.

The slow, but sure changes in government policy toward allowing for monopolies has transformed the last vestige of democracy in our fair country. By permitting huge takeovers, thus giving corporations vast holdings, these corporations could use irresponsible measures of greed and corruption to become insolvent, or use those human failings as a front to launder vast stores of wealth sent into Vatican accounts, and appearing to be insolvent.

Either way, they could then make the case that the U.S. government must prop them up with public funds or “all would be lost.” Thus, $ Trillions have been taken from our children’s future and given to those corrupt corporations, who have not changed their way of doing business, and are going to fail again and force Congress to donate more to the Vatican.

This way America will grow weaker and weaker. Each restructuring of federal grant money to those unscrupulous corporations, each new socialistic program to further entrench the last secular empire of Earth’s history into its own demise, each collapse of the stock market, will see the decline of an empire and the democracy that it upheld.

Soon, we will see a taste of the past when 1% of the population owned 99% of the wealth. All there will be is the tiny super-rich group ruling the poverty-stricken masses. The United States will continue its industrial base and economic powerhouse, but built upon slavery instead of freedom. And the Vatican will control the masses in provincial America through the tiny elite aristocracy.

All that needs to happen now is for the Vatican to find another Hitler. Someone who will weld together the angry populace, in support of a new and improved Constitution and republic. It must be that the Vatican will have what they have waited for for the past 200+ years since America took its place as dominating force in the world. It must be that the Vatican will have what it has salivated for since the 1930’s when Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, gave them back their seat and authority. It must be that the Vatican will again prompt another Nazi-like environment to take over the world.

We will see such a person rise up in America and play the part of Adolf Hitler. The United States has been the most peaceful empire in history. That is soon to change, if it isn’t already leaving that wonderful heritage.


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