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Friday, December 04, 2009

Climate Change Summit December 7 and trouble ahead

Thank you for the birthday wish, H______. At 51 I try to forget my birthdays, but coming from a friend, its all good! What do you think of the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen? It meets to sign a treaty to redistribute wealth throughout the world and equalize the standard of living, thus making the whole world a vast socialist regime. And no doubt, the pope is at the center of the whole thing. A British man named, Lord Monckton, got on Youtube a few weeks ago and let everyone know, but until he did the treaty was very secretive. Congress knew all about it but never told the Americans. Neither did the President. Here’s the Youtube address

I don’t know what will happen with it now. I think I’ve read that President Obama isn’t going to sign it. But if I know the papacy like I’ve read about them, they don’t give up—ever. To me, this is a shot over the bow. What we’ve just seen is a harbinger of things to come. We just got a bird’s eye view of the shape and features of the coming time of trouble.

Now is the time to take Jesus seriously, His grace and His law. He has told us these things before they would come to pass, so that when they do come we would believe that He is who He says He is. Let us heed everything He has given us from the Most Holy Place—the health message, righteousness by faith, the 4th commandment as an access into obedience to the other 9. Let us learn what surrender is about and abiding in Him with His words abiding in us. Let us gain a love for the word of truth through being justified by faith, and be sanctified by the truth.

We are rolling into the final phase of the great controversy. We don’t have time to be just an Adventist church-goer in good standing, using all the right Adventist catch-phrases and behaving good according to the taboos people set up. We all need a direct connection with the Lord. The Advent movement and 3rd and 4th angels’ messages cannot happen if our sights are not constantly higher than just church matters.

I’m glad the Lord is in charge of this movement.


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