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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Email to a sister

Wow, that [20 newcomers to a prophecy seminar] sounds like a good group. I will pray for you and maybe get a chance to get up there before its all over. Maybe in that last week. Did Dad go last night?

Today we hear the evangelical Protestants and Catholics talk about this being a Christian nation. It seems there is a fine line between saying that and telling how our country has departed from God’s commandments in its state and federal laws. Were we ever a Christian nation? If we can say that, how can we counter the push to make Christianity (and of course, Rome is the prime representative of Christendom) the official religion of the United States, as the evangelicals are trying to make happen?

This is why I think it wise to be very careful how we, as Adventists, use that approach to today’s fallen society and the remedy for it. The 3 angel’s messages talk about the fall of Protestantism in this country and the deviation of Protestantism from true conversion. Conversion is the real point of the 3rd angel’s message. Heart conversion which keeps the line of communication open with Jesus through prayer and His word, and wants to keep every single one of God’s commandments. Its all about the faith of Jesus and the Law of God.

This is where our preaching should be aimed. The message of a fallen nation is easily misinterpreted by the masses who are being geared up by their pastors to force a national religion and day of worship. Conversion is the stumbling stone which divides God’s children from Satan’s. Here is where we need to focus our attention. This will be the sword that brings the offense of the cross.

Blessings, sister.


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